Sin City 2005 Unrated Recut Extended 1080p BluRay x264-Japhson

Four tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller’s popular comics, focusing around a muscular brute who’s looking for the person responsible for the death of his beloved Goldie, a man fed up with Sin City’s corrupt law enforcement who takes the law into his own hands after a horrible mistake, a cop who risks his life to protect a girl from a deformed pedophile, and a hitman looking to make a little cash.

File Size : 11.7GB
Source : BluRay


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5 Responses to Sin City 2005 Unrated Recut Extended 1080p BluRay x264-Japhson

  1. xssgssx says:

    720p version?
    thx if can

  2. big_shamu says:

    720p will come after next month -we doin 1080p theme this month

  3. thanks says:

    Sounds great! Thank you for avoiding the excessively compressed 1080p releases.

  4. Dexter says:

    @big_shamu, why the zippyshare links are removed? Could it be re-uped in Zyp?

  5. big_shamu says:

    the owner of the request has not finished download

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