Raymond Blanc How to Cook Well S01E05 Frying PDTV x264-TM

Raymond Blanc says that a good cook is one who understands the basic techniques of cooking. Raymond had to teach himself to be a Michelin star chef. He found out for himself what happens when you cook food in different ways. Now, after years of trial and error, Raymond wants to help us to cook well and become confident in the kitchen. Each week he takes a different technique and shows five delicious dishes using that technique. The recipes range from the simple to the ambitious. Raymond delivers them all with a passion and enthusiasm that belies his years at the top. This time he explains frying – cooking in fat or oil. For Raymond it’s a great quick technique that gives food a wonderful flavour, colour and texture. He starts with a simple French favourite, pan-fried pork chop on sauté potatoes, a dish he dedicates to his mum because she has cooked it so often. He conjures up a surprising stir-fried salad as a delicious alternative to the usual summer staple. His dessert is an incredible pan-fried Grand Marnier souffle with an orange sauce.



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