Happy New Year

Twas The First Day of Year – Not an Uploader in Sight. The sore taste of FUN still lingers in my head. We bid farewell to 2013 and now roll out the new EXTERNAL HD for 2014. For all the things we should have said – but did not say. For all the things we should have upped – but did not up. Forgive us. There’s always this year.

Wishing you Good Health and Prosperity.
All of Us at Release Thread

Site Announcement

To all our visitors that are still using old domain to visit the site please update your bookmarks to new domain name. Old domain name will be permanently shut down very soon. Thanks.

Site News

What we have started here has grown so big that the old server could not sustain the lot of you pressing refresh at the same time.
Our Followers have Grown – Our Minions are Now Legion. With a heavy heart – we will have to administer pop ads soon to help cope with the cost of running the site.
The free links will still be served but it has taken a toll on our empty pockets.
Even though many of you have offered donations – it has always been our policy not to take handouts of any kind. What we do, we do out of our own free will.
Your cooperation and understanding will be greatly appreciated. TQ

Site News

Due to “Recent Events” ReleaseThread are accepting NEW EDITORS for the “EXPANSION PLAN”.
You are required to state your experience in WordPress and the-pirate-way-of-life.
You are required to add Multiupload, Putlocker, Zippyshare and Gamefront (Sockshare if possible) to the list of Premium Filehost you plan on using.
All “Necessary Resources For Posting” will be provided to you if you accept our conditions.
Only serious applicants should consider to apply as this is a harsh environment and comments are turned off on this thread.
The Future of Release Thread.


Welcome to our new Editor MoviePro.


Weekly Update
Greetings My Fellow Patrons. First on the list. We have moved to [WS] so please update your bookmark if you want to “Hang” with us.


I hope we can find the fine line to co-exist so you can have a place that doesn’t shove “Premium” down your throat… most of the time. We are expanding! More topics will be served with Free options but we require understanding and patience and hope this will fufill your needs in more ways than one. As always Enjoy yourself – TQ


Every Year around this time (more or less) we give out Premium Vouchers to our Patrons. Last year it was RS=(R.I.SH_T). This year [5] lucky people will get [1] Month of Netload and [2] lucky ones the big [3] months Voucher.
Rules are simple. Just post your comment on this thread and we will generate the winner with Random.org. Do not cheat or Double Post or you will be Disqualified and Permanently banned from the site. The contest ends soon as Vouchers has a Limited Life Span. Good Luck.

[Entries are now closed]

Congratulations To All The Winners

Vouchers will be sent to your Emails very soon


Filehost Update – Requests – Issues

Site News

These have been dark days. The DDOS has taken a toll as you can see by the downtime we have today. Firstly, we apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused you. We will be sorting out a few things within the next few days but never fear. With us, you will always have show, always have the movie, always have the links. No doubt there will be hard times but we will persevere. We are Not Kings but we promise… We will Rock you!
Thank you – From Admin and staff
With the ever high cost of maintaining and upgrading the site, we have decided to have Ads at the side to help ease the burden. As of right now, we are trying to break even and hope you will understand our situation. With the tireless support from you and the efforts from our editors, we will make a this a year to remember. Thank you – From Admin and staff