Football is known as the world game and for good reason, it is watched and played by millions around the world throughout the year and is growing stronger day by day. To try to fit the history of football into a mere 13 hours is a big ask, but this wonderful documentary series makes a very admirable effort to do so. It would be impossible to please everyone, but this documentary series should make most fans happy. “People think football is a matter of life and death, it is much more important than that!”.
This series is full of footage and interviews covering every aspect of the game, but what it does do is focus quite strongly on the true history. What this means is that it looks at the origins of the game right through to how this popular sport has affected history in general. The impact the game has had on the world’s history is quite astounding, from being responsible for starting a war to being used as a political tool for many of the world’s most historical figures. Interviews with some of the biggest names are here, along with some footage that most would have never seen before. The series boasts that it contains every World Cup Final goal up to and including the 1998 final, the first ever filmed international match between Wales and Ireland, the first England versus Scotland match ever filmed in 1907 and the first FA Cup Final ever filmed between Tottenham and Sheffield Wednesday in 1901. All these are included and so much more.

A Nightmare on Elm Street iNTERNAL BOXSET DVDRip XviD-UNDEAD
“Don’t fall asleep” — words to live by for Elm Street teens. Not a problem for fans wide awake with fear (and glee) as they experience these first 8 Nightmare movies released from 1984 to 2010. Each features Robert Englund‘s masterfully macabre incarnation of slouch-hatted, razor-fingered Freddy Krueger, who mixes wicked wit with even wickeder mayhem as he haunts teens when they’re asleep and most vulnerable. A newspaper article about children who died after having fearsome nightmares provided the real-life springboard for filmmaker Wes Craven’s breakthrough series. Perhaps that underlying reality helps make these shockers so unnerving. Or maybe it’s just that we all like a good scare…and that this series consistently, imaginatively delivers some of the best.

Studio Ghibli ANIME PACK DVDRip XviD-Mixed

Studio Ghibli, Inc. is a Japanese animation film studio based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan. The studio is best known for its anime feature films. Studio Ghibli began in June 1985 after the success of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind with funding by Tokuma Shoten. The company’s logo features the character Totoro (a large forest spirit) from Miyazaki’s film My Neighbor Totoro. At one time the studio was based in Kichij?ji, Musashino, Tokyo.

Its impossible to own everything they have made but I can at least try and give you what ever I have on SD as most of HD has been covered earlier in the year. Enjoy.

Gremlins.1984.720p.Bluray.X264-DIMENSION IMDB
Gremlins.2.The.New.Batch.1990.720p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE IMDB
A boy inadvertantly breaks 3 important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

The Gremlins are back, and this time, they’ve taken total control over the building of a media mogul.

The Gruffalo Pack
The Gruffalo 2009

Threatened in turn by a fox,an owl and a snake,a little mouse scares them all off by claiming he is waiting for his monstrous friend the Gruffalo. He believes the Gruffalo does not exist but it does and it too wants to eat him. However,the mouse survives by tricking the Gruffalo into believing who is the most scary creature in the wood.

The Gruffalo’s Child 2011

A little Gruffalo ignores her father’s warnings and tiptoes out into the snow in search of the Big Bad Mouse.

ReleaseThread YearEnd Movie Pack

A year has come and pass. It was a long and hard ride for us. The journey was filled with one of the most memorable year for movies and we have compiled our selection of the best pick of the year. Voted by our members, these movies will be re-upped one last time before years end. From now till new year’s eve, we will re-release the movies in both 720p and 1080p splendor a few at a time – giving everyone a chance to grab them without the pressure of chasing against time. This has been our yearly tradition – We hope you will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PART 2 HAS BEEN Added: Enjoy.
Almost Halfway there. Wont be long till the fullpack will be revealed. Leaving the BESt for last.


The Halloween movie series are a series of horror movies created by John Carpenter in 1978. The series is about Michael Myers, who was committed to a sanitarium as a child for killing of his older sister, Judith Myers. Fifteen years later, he escapes to continue his killing spree. Dr. Loomis is a psychiatrists who helps all of Michael’s victims to escape death from Myers. Only Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers appear in all movies except Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Halloween 1978 IMDB
Halloween 2 The Nightmare Isn’t Over 1981 IMDB
Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch 1982 IMDB
Halloween 4 Return Of Michael Myers 1988 IMDB
Halloween 5 Revenge Of Michael Myers 1989 IMDB
Halloween 6 Curse Of Michael Myers 1995 IMDB
Halloween 7 H2O 1998 IMDB
Halloween 8 Resurrection 2002 IMDB
Halloween 2007 IMDB
Halloween 2 2009 IMDB
Halloween 25 Years Of Terror 2006 IMDB

Coraline 2009
Corpse Bride 2005
Frankenweenie 2012
Hotel Transylvania 2012
Monster High Ghouls Rule 2012
Monster House 2006
Monsters Inc 2001
Monsters University 2013
Monsters vs Aliens 2009
Paranorman 2012

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